ARCGIS10 datalink to a KMZ deliverable

Discussion created by lboggs on Feb 4, 2014
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I am very very green at this ARCGIS stuff.  I was thrown into it this project for a deliverable with NO training.

I am working on a project that I know how to take my GIS data (points and polygons), export to a KMZ file and insert data links to PDF files.  The client wants all of their permits and plans linked to the KMZ file so it is fast and easy.  Their organization is one big file.  I have organized them to sub folders but still not fast enough for them.  When there is a correction I have to correct in ARC, I have to reassign all of my data links in my KMZ file.  Allot of time wasted.  Can I insert these data links once (associated to a point or even a polygon) and export them with the other information already assigned to my points and polygons?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated