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Discussion created by etylerNwwsd on Feb 4, 2014
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Just wondering if anybody has a advice on simplifying our hyperlinks. We currently have two fields for our layers that have documents linked to them. (We are a govt agency that operates water and sewer lines through out the county. So we obviously have engineering drawings etc attached to our water and sewer lines.) One field is called "HLink" this field is used when the hyperlink is being accessed using our desktop GIS or ArcReaders. The second field is called "hyperlinkPDF" this link field is used when we want to access our drawings using our flex applications. and for these we set up a vitural directory to our links folder. So my question is how can I eliminate having to populate two fields and only use one which can access our as-builts from our web applications and or arcreaders and desktops. just so you have an understanding of the file structure below shows how the two fields are populated.

"HyperlinkPDF" field (this is used to access as-builts through flex applications)

"Hlink" field (this is used to access as-builts from arcreader and desktop)

Any advice would be great. Trying to limit field population time and simplify my work flow.

Would "Attachment" work instead of using hyperlinks