Vertical displacement of the map div, displaces the coords

Discussion created by fiallega on Feb 1, 2014
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When I show other divs dynamically given certain state that move the div of the map up or down, the pointer on the map still thinks it is in the old location.
To illustrate the current problem i have created the plunk
rubberband example

(I used as a base the plunk created on this thread)
To reproduce the problem:
1. click on map link
2. click on Zoom By rubber button
3. create a box in the map
4. Click "Show Message"
5. click on Zoom By rubber button
6. You will see that when you try to create the box in the map, it is displaced by the height of the message.

Calling a map.resize every time I show the message will solve the problem, but this was just an example. My application will show and hide different pieces of the page depending on state that will make the map div move up or down, or even worst since it is responsive different sizes will stack different ways.

I also tried the suggestions and I was able to create the listener, but it only fires when resizing the window, besides this is not so much a resize of the div but changing the position.

This must be a fairly common usecase,
What am i missing ?