Updating fields from another table

Discussion created by bradleyglennjones on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by hua17
Here is my situation. I have a featureclass that has a few attribute fields that I need to update from an Access database.  I have an OLE Database connection set up, but I also have a copy of the specific Access table in the geodatabase in a relationshipclass with that FC I want to update (I have a model that replaces that table periodically).  The Access data is routinely updated by other individuals.  I would like to come up with a script/model that will update the fields in question for each feature.  The Access database will have some entries that will not have a corresponding feature in the FC, so they should be left out.  I have taken one python class and it seems maybe a cursor might be used, but I???m not sure how to approach it.

Any help is appreciated.