Need to edit my org account that is not a global account

Discussion created by c_r_b on Jan 30, 2014
I belong to an organization that purchased an ArcGIS.com organizational account so that we could use the GeoEnrichment API in an application, which required arcgis.com credits.  I used my business email when creating the account.  When the credits are run below a certain threshold, arcgis.com sends an email that says, in effect, "it's time to add credits". This email currently comes to me, but I would like it to go to a group email address that is monitored by organization administrators.  When I edit my profile, the email address is not one of the available fields, and in fact I found this on the Help Site, under the section titled 'I want to change the contact information associated with my login':  "You cannot change your user name. You cannot edit contact information on organizational accounts that were not originally Esri Global Accounts."

This is indeed exactly what I want to do.  Is it completely impossible?  If it is impossible, is it possible to set up notifications to other email addresses besides the one associated with the org account?  And if both are possible, can I create a new org account to which Esri will transfer my available credits from the old account?