ArcGIS Online Basemap response issues

Discussion created by ncarter77 on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by sbmadsenap
We have been leveraging ArcGIS provided basemaps in our Agency for some time and recently have experienced horrible performance with them in our v10.1 SP1 (QIP patched) softwware.  Are the caches being rebuilt or rebuilt on the fly and since we're in Montana those caches are not all there yet?  A posting in the ArcGIS blog (here) noted ArcGIS Online map server upgrades although I have not seen any announcements to the implication or affects that this upgrade is having.  Is it a coincidence?  Either way, with the passing of BING maps licensing out of ArcGIS and their recommendation to use their own basemaps is having an adverse affect to our productivity and usefulness of the out-of-the-box basemaps we have come to enjoy and rely on.

Any thoughts or response from ESRI on this?