Map Displaying Averages per Zip.

Discussion created by mctraverso on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by dkwiens
Hi I have a spreadsheet in excel that I have been working on that I need to represent in ArcMap.

I have computed averages via a pivot table per CA zip codes for premiums, total annual premiums and percent difference premiums (some percent difference being negative values).

I don't really have a way to display x y data from this table directly because it only includes zip but somehow need to create a map showing these three averages per zip code for California.

I have a zipareas feature class in my map but am unsure how to join this zipareas feature class to my excel table that displays the averages by zip so that I can represent these averages on the map. I tried the overlay union tool but my excel table is not an input feature option.

Any suggestions?