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How to Obtain US City from Coordinates

Question asked by kaeldowdy on Jan 30, 2014
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I'm trying to obtain the US City name for a list of lats/longs I have in a spreadsheet, but am running into difficulties over what I would have assumed to be a relatively simple task :p

Here's what I've done so far:

  • I first created a Personal Geodatabase, opened up the .MDB in Access and imported the spreadsheet into Access.  My first thought would have been to export the spreadsheet as a .DBF and import it into a File Geodatabase, but I'm using Excel 2013 and it appears Microsoft has dropped support for DBase formats :mad:

  • After importing my spreadsheet into Access (which only has a unique identifier, a latitude, and a longitude), I then opened up the .MDB (file geodatabse) back in ArcMap, right-clicked on the table in the Catalog window, chose Create Feature Classs >> From XY Table.

  • In that table, I chose my Longitude as my X Field and my Latitude as my Y Field.  The geographic coordinate system I used was WGS 1984.

  • After hitting OK, my table was converted to a new Points feature class after a few minutes.

  • Then, taking my newly created feature class, I attempted to perform a Reverse Geocode on the point locations.  I chose my point feature class as my input, chose Address Locators\MGRS as the Input Address Locator (the only option available to me), and left the defaults for the remaining inputs.

  • Then, a secondary point feature class was created, which now contained my original fields from the first point feature class, and it added an MGRS Coordinate field.  This was the feature class I expected to see fields such as Address Number, Street Name, City, State, etc.  However, none of these fields were present.

I tried looking for polygon layers containing city/state boundaries, but didn't run into anything that looked promising.  My thought was that if I could have a polygon layer, I could do just a simple spatial join, and merge my point data with the polygon layer containing the city/state info to associate a particular coordinate point to a particular city.

Perhaps I'm not "setting the stage" so to speak with how my initial points were created with my XY coordinates, but I'm not sure what else I could do differently in that regard.

Any thoughts on how to obtain the a city value for a set of coordinates?