MS-SQL vs. PostgreSQL directly connected to ArcSDE

Discussion created by chyang0107 on Jan 30, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I have a project related to either to oil or water wells. This well data is currently stored in a personal geodatabase (Access) because most data entry is done by non-GIS users via Access forms.  My plan is to migrate the data to either a MS-SQL Server or PostgreSQL direct-connect geodatabase, link the tables back to Access, and to continue to use Access forms as a data-entry front-end.  I already have a license for MS SQL, so that cost isn't such an issue. I'm inclined to go with PostgreSQL though because it looks like it may be faster and works well with other open-source software.  Other coworkers are inclined to use MS-SQL because it may play nicer with Access. Please share your valuable information.