GeoEvent Processor Example

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Dear all,

i found a GeoEvent Processor Example from Esri which seems to be really great:

+ Video: http://video.esri.com/watch/3038/sharpen-your-skills-_dash_-geoevent-processor

The whole Documentation seems to be very detailed and it uses different GEP Connectors as well as the Dashboard. So far so good. I wanted to use the Example to have a deeper look into GEP, but there is one step in the beginning i could not reproduce.

One of the first steps is to copy the Feature Classes from the GEP.gdb to a Enterprise or Workgroup Geodatabase. Where can i find this GDB-File? There is only onw folder called DATA which contains a Map Package. The Map Package contains the MXD files for ArcGIS Version 10.0 and 10.1 but nothing more.

Does anybody of you already tried this tutorial out or can have a look at it what i did wrong?

Best regards,