Trouble with Geotagged photos to points tool

Discussion created by huffmanp on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by Romete
I'm trying to help a guy with photos from his Nikon Coolpix P6000 that are supposedly geotagged.  I told him at first I'd just run them through the GeotaggedPhotosToPoints tool in Arc Desktop 10.2, but each time I try this I can only get the very unhelpful Error 999999 and "Failed to execute" 

I set up the tool to take all the files from his directory and put the output FC into a new 10.2 file geodatabase.

Examining the directory I was given, each phot has a jpg, a aux.xml file that seems to contain just some metadata parameters, and an .ovr that seems to be a pyramid file.  I don't see where the coordinates are stored.  I wonder if he hasn't set up his camera correctly to geotag his photos, or is this format not recognized by Arc Desktop.

Update:  Nikon has a photo viewing utility ViewNX2 that shows the coordinates and a map with photo locations for almost all these photos.  I just don't see where these coordinates are stored, and apparently, neither does GeotaggedPhotosToPoints.

Update 2: The Coolpix P6000 pdf manual says files are "DCF, Exif2.2, and DPOF compliant" (p.211) EXIF is supposed to be the format The ArcMap tool is looking for.