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Maps don't work on 4g connections

Question asked by lkeitht on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2014 by lkeitht
Some of our users have been reporting issues with map layers not loading, but only when they're connected via a 4g data connection.  The exact same phone/app works fine when they switch from 4g to wifi.  I've been trying to work with a user, but I'm unable to get any reliable indication of what's going on and I'm unable to reproduce the issue myself (dont have a 4g device).

the last test I did was to generate a brand new arcgis android app from the "ArcGIS Project for Android" wizard.  I added a Mapview to the layout.  In Oncreate, I get a ref to the mapview, add a tiled map service layer (arcgisonline world street map) and set an onstatuschangedlistener.  The listener checks to see if the source is the mapview and the status is initialized.  It then loads five additional tiled map service layers from our ags server and changes the extent.

Sent this apk to the user I'm working with.  This fails to load the street map layer about half the time, and the other layers dont work at all, but everything works great on wifi.  This is using ArcGIS for Android 10.1.1 and he is using Android 4.3.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?  any suggestions?