Using feature service for photos. Where to put the URL link to video for some points?

Discussion created by batpro99 on Jan 29, 2014
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I am using the ESRI storytelling map tour template.

My photos are loaded as attachments through a feature service.  For some map point location I would like to use a URL to a video. 

Since I am not using a field for the photos in a url link but instead using feature attachments.  

Where can I put a the URL to the video?

I am using WOWSLIDER for a video slideshow of photos taken.

Wowslider basically creates an index.html that opens and plays a slideshow. I am wanting to use that url link to play slide show photos of property.  In theory I am thinking this is going to work but has anyone else tried it?

Story book draft
.  I am wanting to replace the property image with a slideshow.