Hosted Feature Service: Hide user input after entry

Discussion created by ratnanil on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by MLF
This is my very first forum post so I'm hoping that I follow all the rules!

I've created a AGO Application where the public can report the sighting of specific mammals. We want to collect this data from the general public, but we dont want the general public to be able to view the collected data (I'll explain why later). Is there a possibility to hide the data after the user has made the input? 

The reasons why we want to hide the data are the following:

  • The mammals that we are interested in are rare and their habitats are vurnerable. We dont want people to missuse it and disturb the sensitive habitats by looking for the mammals in question.

  • To avoid spams and false reports, we would like to collect contact information from the users who have made data inputs. We, and the users, dont want this contact information to be viewable by the general public.

Thanks in advance for any help!