Starter Javascript webmap that does NOT use ArcGIS.com?

Discussion created by AaronKreag on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by RockvilleGIS
I have a few REST services that I would like to display over an ESRI basemap (imagery, streets and topo) and have a simple legend, search tool and such, nothing too flashy.  Right now I have an html index page in my flex apps that detect a mobile or tablet and send the request off to an app in a mobile folder.  This is currently the local government parcel viewer on github.  It will automatically scale and adjust when being consumed on a variety of mobile and tablet devices.  I like it.  However, every one of these out of the box javascript webmap apps points towards a webmap id that is somehow related to web maps that a person needs to set up, build, host in a public setting on ArcGIS.com.  I can not have this set up on ArcGIS.com.  Anyone point me in a direction??  I am not a developer but have built some web mapping apps and have them running.  Anyone want to help me get over this annoying ArcGIS.com dependency?  Thank you!