Area Solar Radiation tool - many rasters with different lats and zs

Discussion created by jakubserdel on Jan 28, 2014
Hi all
My problem is as follows:
I want to count direct radiation for all Europe. As the ASR tool allows to work only on small landscapes, I cut my raster-Europe into fragments with respect to latitude. So each piece of raster will be analyzed with a different values of Latitude and Z factor. Everything is working fine, but...

I have over 4000 these fragments of raster and doing it manually does not make sense...

So I used both batch mode and ModelBuilder, but in both cases, both Latitude and Z factor are set to default values??????, ie, for Lat=45 and for z = 1. If I use the ASR individually, these values ??????are automatically calculated.

What should I do to batch mode or ModelBuilder calculated the value of Latitude and z-factor for each piece raster individually?
Any suggestions welcome. (special formulas, scripts?)