Very slow export map with annotation

Discussion created by oleg on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by oleg

I try to export map with annotation with PrintingTools and I found export map with one  annotation layer  only takes about 1-2 minutes to A4 landscape pdf 1:2000 600 dpi. While export map with one polygon layer takes about 5-6 seconds and 5-6 different polygon and polyline layers 6-7 seconds also.

Is there a way to increase the speed of export map with the annotations layer?

BTW. Dynamic service vs feature layer from dynamic service.

Map export to A4 pdf 1:2000 with operational layer from my dynamic service Hydrography  with one layer Sea  takes 76 seconds. Map export to A4 pdf 1:2000 from Feature layer Sea (map service) from this dynamic service Hydrography   takes 5-6 seconds.

Hardware: HP ML350 G4p 2*Xeon 3.00 GHz 8 RAM SCSI RAID 5
Software Windows 2008 R2 Standard, ArcGIS for Server WG 10.1 sp1, Viewers for Flex 3.6 or for Silverlight 3.2.

Help me please