Query map in mobile app

Discussion created by dugtoni on Jan 27, 2014
Hey I would really appreciate some help with a problem I have run into.  I am trying to create a mobile app that allows me to bring up a pop-up window where I input some parameters that will be sent to a model.  There is a button on the pop-up, which when clicked will allow the user to select a point on the map, and the coordinates for this point clicked will be sent to the model.  The issue I am having is, once I bring up the pop-up window, and then click the select point from map button, the map flashes very briefly, but then just goes to a completely gray screen.  The weirder thing however, when I first load the page, it actually shows the map when I click the select from map button, but it does not respond to my map onclick event that I set up when the select point from map button is clicked.  Does anyone have an idea what may be going on?

If it's any help, I am basing the app off of this example:


Where instead of the pop-up with the soil texture .jpg, I have a form where the user selects parameters which will be sent to a model.