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Suspected SW Defect for Caching Scale level below 500

Question asked by shaningesri on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by shaningesri
This is a continuation of my thread at  In that thread, I reported that I tried to create cache at scale level 500 and 250 but failed.  My observations are below:
1) In the \arcgisserver\myMapService\Layers\, the conf.xml does present the setting info correctly.
2) In my setting, there are 12 levels.  But only 10 folders are generated (from Loo to L09).  Another 2, L10 (for scale 500) and L11 (for scale 250) are not generated at all.
I would suspect it is due to the SW defect.  Hopefully ESRI SW team can verify it.