How do I disable the "In order to use the Bing Services..." modal dialog box?

Discussion created by bplynnpye on Jan 27, 2014
I have a utility which I have written against ArcObjects which scans various ArcGIS objects for GIS information and stashes the data for later reporting. This includes, among other things, a substantial number of older MXD files which happen to contain Bing basemaps. The scans can take a long time and are not intended to be interactive. Instead we log activity and simply review details after the fact.

Since upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2 when we attempt to process an MXD with Bing data within we get the new popup from within ArcObjects that reads:

"In order to use the bing services you must enable the capability by obtaining a license."

Followed by a link to an ESRI web page. We don't care about the Bing data and aren't scanning it. We don't want to obtain a Bing license, and there are too many MXDs and other data sources with Bing data to go back and remove the Bing data. What we would like is to simply be able to ignore the Bing data and process remaining files. Unfortunately I don't readily see a good way to disable the modal dialog box.

Specifically, it is when the IMapDocument.Maps[i] indexer is used to grab a Bing map from the document.

Is there a way to "peek ahead" to see if the map is a Bing map without triggering the popup? Or some way to let the API know not to emit the popup? I don't mind not getting any data out of it, I just want it to not force my users to interact with something that could potentially run for days.

Thanks in advance.