Dazed and Confused

Discussion created by mcgomer on Jan 27, 2014
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I am confused over the various options for a WPF (c#) developer.

I am in a corporate environment that has an extensive ESRI server installation.  It is used via internal web applications extensively.  I am in the process specifying a WPF application for a custom thick client desktop application for internal use.  I am really confused as to the SDK's that are available both as a free download or at a cost.  And then, what are the advantages and deployment options with each.  Are there per seat licenses, etc.?  

As part of our desktop application, we want to display and interact with existing layers from our servers. We have many dynamic layers and many tile layers available for our use.  We will not be storing anything locally.  It will always be connected in our network.

I see the sdk for .net coming soon, but don't understand its licensing model.

Is there a link or set of documents that explain the various development and deployment options we have? 

Thanks for any info or links that anyone can provide.