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Discussion created by nero_b on Jan 25, 2014
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hello. my team is looking at using cityengine on future projects. we create a lot of streets in big detail and we need a lot of different buildings that we have to build based on what our client need. we are thinking about creating the best workflow.
but there are not a lot of good tutorials on the official sites. i am suprised that there is not a single tutorial for nodes.

my team likes to model the windows and tiled walls in max and maya. my first question is if we can import obj models and convert them to rules so that we can then use those models to build buildings. i know that we can create facades with the facade wizard and then save them out as rules.
second question. can we import doors and add them to the first floor of the buildings.

our hope for the workflow right now is :
-get google earth image form the client. model simple 2d planes based on the google earth image. export into cityengine and use as shapes to grow the building
-model parts of the facades in max and maya.
-import models as obj and save as rules
-create buildings

is there a site where we can download some preset rules for doors,windows,facades,roofs,.....

thank you for the help