error  _layerCurrent is undefined when using shortlist template on local machine

Discussion created by o.rau@mairdumont.com on Jan 25, 2014
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Hi together,

first, sorry for my bad english, i'll try my best.
Ich have went through all steps of creating a webmap by using the shortlist template. I am running an apache webserver on my local machine (win 7) and it is working fine. For testing i changed the webmapid in the index file to "bb54c07ecd3d43e8bf5fce2875df30f6".
I am quite sure that everthing is set fine (sharing the ressources, attributes of shapefile...)
When i am trying to start the webmap by localhost in firefox nothing happens and the firebug console is "TypeError: _layerCurrent is undefined http://localhost/ Line 452". I am really desperated to run the map. Who has an idea?