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Is my learning speed too slow?

Question asked by steven.lzhou on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by csergent08
I have a question about the learning process of using JavaScript API to design a web app.  I started to touch JS API from last September, and before that I have no any experience of JavaScript, JavaScript API, HTML5, CSS, or Dojo., I mean never at all.   I do have some flex experience and I mainly work with FlexViewer software to customize some widgets.  I actively took 3 JS API trainings in the past 4 months, and the progress I have now is: Adding different kinds of layers; adding most core functions from API like bookmark, geocode, homebutton, legend, overview, measure, pop-up window, edit widgets, query function.  What I want to study further is to customize the API function, e.g., create a widget button and click it and pop up a window to display legend or layer info; to create check box and let it control TOC or legend, insert codes to change pop-up window style, data format, size.  I research a lot ESRI sample codes, many of them use dojo method and JS codes, it just seems very difficult for me to understand that, and many of them are legacy old dojo codes.  I've took API training and why I still can not understand those codes?

My 2 questions are: 1. Based on your many years experience, is my learning process too slow, like unacceptable?

2. If yes, to make it faster, what kind of training/resources I should study next, e.g., JavaScript, dojo basics? Thanks a lot!