geodatabase connection and arc server services

Discussion created by gerardo.garcia on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by mboeringa2010
We're currently running ags10.1 sp1 on windows server 2012, using sql server 2012 std. We have several databases setup in sde. However, we have a highly used site that is consuming a lot of resources on one particular database. We have about 10 services setup in arcgis server to serve this site. In ArcCatalog, when I use "Administer geodatabase" for the db that this service data is coming from, I see several more "direct connect" connections coming from our arcgis server. My question is: how do our arcgis server services correspond to what is found in the "connections" tab (or "sde_process_information" table) when administering a database? Does it depend on the service "instances running"? Would it differ based on if a service is "feature access" vs map service?

Thanks for any help.