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reverse geocoding is always time out

Question asked by chiru1984 on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by chiru1984

i am using Locator for geocoding as below

           this.locator = new Locator("");             //on(this.locator,"location-to-address-complete", lang.hitch(this,"_reverseGeocodingSuccess"));             //on(this.locator,"address-to-locations-complete", lang.hitch(this,"_geocodingSuccess"));

and i have added a click event listener as below

getAddress : function(/*Point*/ point)         {              this.locator.locationToAddress(webMercatorUtils.webMercatorToGeographic(point),100,              function(address){                 alert(address);             },function(err){                 alert(err);             });         },


always it says time out,

But from this example code its working fine
Locator sample