Network analyst: Loading address nodes question

Discussion created by leebar1983 on Jul 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2010 by dmandloi-esristaff
Hai all,

I have a question regarding the network analyst tools.

Ive got a list of 834 transit stops within a local government area and a collection of address points (which totals 86660). What i want to do is asign each addresss node to the closest facility, calculate the shortest network distance and save a new field with the id of the transit stop onto the transit stop layer.

I tried to do it all at once, but it probably wouldn't be a suprise to know it came back with a out of memory error.
Im just wondering is there any way of programmatically loading each address point and calculating each address point for the SND and saving the id of the transit stop?

I can program in C++ / java, but i've never used python or ArcGIS to program before. is it possible to do it? what can people recommend i do?
FWIW, I can't use the split option - i don't have a licence for it.