ArcScripts 2.0: Ok, Let's Build It Now

Discussion created by jbarry-esristaff Employee on Jan 23, 2014
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The idea we had been pitching over the past several years has been that the balkanization of websites for sharing things has been confusing and not useful for sharing and discovery.  Meaning, a separate ArcScripts site for scripts and code samples, another separate site for sharing data models, another site for web maps, another for packages, another for services, another for apps.  The feedback we had received loud and clear was for Esri to stop creating new separate websites for everything.  The idea of ArcGIS Online was for it to be one single site, where all of the shareable things can be stored, categorized, searchable, filterable, browseable, and most importantly all of the things you share, regardless of what kind of things they are, you manage and organize yourself on your own single "My Content" tab.

That said...

As it has been turning out, this all-in-one approach seems to be working fine for everything--except code samples.  We have virtually no negative feedback on the shareability of any of that other stuff.  For those, ArcGIS Online seems to be working fine.  But Code Samples?  No.  ArcGIS Online doesn't work.  I mean, technically it does.  There isn't anything that can be shared that I can't tell you the way to upload it and the way others can find it.

But at the end of the day, it's not ArcScripts.  With it, once you were logged in, you fill out a few fields, attach a zip, and you're done.  As for users browsing or searching for things, you only needed to use those same few fields to filter and search and you found it.  When it comes to code samples, ArcGIS Online can't compete with that kind of usability, and this simple fact has been the deal-breaker.

Ok, we get it.  Let's bring ArcScripts back.  We've given ArcGIS Online a chance.  Let's just build a new ArcScripts and move forward.  (Unfortunately we cannot just turn on the old one; too many dealbreaker reasons at play here. But when the new one is created, we will port the old items over.)

We just need to realize going in that even when we bring ArcScripts back, with all of its simple usability, there will still be many in the user community who will continue sharing code samples only on ArcGIS Online, and others who very happy with sharing and collaborating on code using Github.  For those reasons, the 90s are over.  But if bringing back ArcScripts will help many learn and get more and better use out of ArcGIS, then that's what we'll do.  The slippery slope argument has pretty much been proven wrong here.