Joining non geo data to feature layer

Discussion created by khirvela on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by bives
I am currently attempting to join some non-geo data that is a Json object in the javascript to a feature layer that is coming from our map server. The data is dynamic, depending on the webpage the data's format can vary highly, and is pulled into the backend code so we have to pass it in that way. Now that I have the layer showing I am attempting to take the Json object and set it as a new TableDataSource. Then do a new JoinDataSource using the layer as the left and the TableDataSource as the right. I am stuck at this point. I have tried to display this in the map, turn it into a LayerDataSource and set the origional layer's source as that, and much more but the documentation and samples are not geared towards non-geo data. Anyone have any experience with this?

Edit: When the SimpleRenderer is removed I can see a map, but the map fields are still the same as before the join.

New Edit:
  We now see that the only field that is pulled over once the layer is retried from REST is the objectid field, all the others are non-existent.