Add query layer do not work when adding the shape field in ArcGIS 10.2

Discussion created by ufeliciano on Jan 23, 2014
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We recently upgraded to 10.2. Our environment consists of AG 10.2 and Oracle in an AIX box.

Not sure if related, but the story is that initially we had problems using the migrate geometry tool (our data was in Blob since is been around since 9.2), because of a bug, supposedly fixed in 10.2.1 regarding additional privileges needed (create any index, alter any index and drop any index). We used a 10.0 client in some datasets and later tested with a 10.2 client after the changes mentioned above to migrate our data to st_geometry type. We can use the migrated data without problems and everything looks and works ok; even ran some sql satements to check the results wothout any issues.

But trying to add a query layer in ArcMap 10.2 just don't work with any of our data when the shape field is added in the statement. The validate and finish buttons don't do anything, but no errors are shown. The application works ok, but the query cannot be added. If the shape field is removed from the statement, you can added the result as a table, but since the shape is not there, no cartographic display is shown. Thing is that I can add a query layer using a connection to our 10.2 database from an ArcGIS 10.0 client. In AG 10.0 when the query layer is added, the identify tool do not return anything, but I can see the attribute table and open the identify window and do selections from it. If I try to select the feature using the selection tools, the is an undelying dbms error about insufficient privileges (again...don't know if it relates with the add query problem not been able to be added using AG 10.2).  I tried using Oracle client 10 and oracle client 11 without success (in the computer that works the connection was done with oracle 10 client).

I'll appreciate any help or suggestions,

Ulises Feliciano Troche