Licens binding within IIS APPOOL

Discussion created by spiskulaesriuk-esridist Employee on Jan 23, 2014
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I am working on a REST service hosted by IIS server. In order to get access to arc objects i need to initialize AO and bind to license

In order to bind to Server license I call:


The above works ONLY if the hosting pool has 'Enable 32 bit applications' set to FALSE. The problem is that i need 32 bit apps in order to execute 3rd party dlls/assemblies that do not work with those settings.

Alternatively i was trying to call

But the above crashes for all cases with this:
[ESRI.ArcGIS.RuntimeManagerException] = {"Unable to initialize an ArcGIS 10.2 license. Could not find any of the following product license(s): Basic, Standard, Advanced"}

Although there is ArgGIS Desktop 10.2 Installed and authorized.

I suspect this is somehow related to identity of the application pool hosting this process because if I set the identity to my domain account it works OK, but does not work with an account that i created for testing just on that machine(even when it is a member of Administrators group).

Also if i run the same code in a simple Console app its all OK. What should I do to get the license in IIS App pool without using my domain account?