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Versioned Data Runs Slow

Question asked by EricatUW on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2014 by EricatUW
Using ArcGIS for Server 10.1.
We replace/update a polygon Feature Class (< 60,000 records) located in an SDE Feature Dataset on a monthly basis with a Feature Class from outside our SDE (same schema).  We have Default and Edit Versions of the geodatabase.

Here are the two procedures we???ve tried so far:
1) With the Edit Version of the Dataset, we tried deleting all of the records, copying the features from the update, and pasting them into the Edit Version (also tried copying, then deleting old).  We???ve also tried deleting the features and appending new features (also tried appending, then deleting old).  Both of these produce a VERY SLOW layer which takes a long time to load, and makes edits impossible.

2) We tried importing the update into the dataset (right-click on datset -> Import Feature Class), which is still fast and easy to use, but it comes in as unregistered as versioned (and uneditable??? making all of the Feature Classes in the feature dataset temporarily uneditable).  When we register it as versioned, the speed slows WAY down.

We???ve also tried these Geodatabase Administration tools:
A)    Analyze the Feature Class
B)    Compress the Geodatabase
C)    Recalculate the Index

Note: All of our other versioned data is managed through Edit versions that we push up to Default, with no slowness issues.

Thanks for your assistance.