Linkage - ISO 19139 / ISO 19115

Discussion created by torbjornd on Jan 22, 2014
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Hi everybody!
I have a question I guess some of you might answer. I'm populating a my newly installed geoportal with serveral datasets, using the add-in for ArcCatalog. The metadata style configured in ArcCatalog are ISO 19139. Since it's important for the users to know where the data comes from, I've inserted a path to the data in "Distribution Information -> Digital Transfer Options -> Online Resource and Linkage". The upload works fine and I can approve the dataset in geoportal. However, if I try to view the metadata in geoportal, the information from linkage (the path) does not show.

I have tried creating metadata from within geoportal, with the ISO 19115 (is this the same as ISO 19139?). When I insert my datapath in distribution -> transferoptions -> URL, it work correctly.

To sum up... Linkage URL does not show up when using ISO 19139 (ArcCatalog), and works with metadata created in geoportal (ISO 19115). Does anyone know why the information does'nt show up when using ISO 19139? Is it possible to use ISO 19115 in ArcCatalog?

- Torbjørn