How do I make a fictional map with no data, and from scratch?

Discussion created by clovergrassblade on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2014 by vsfoote
I would like to make my map, which is pure fiction into an arcGIS map. However, all I've been able to do with it is insert the image into the mxd and that's it. Basically nothing else I can do. No real world data fits my map, and I'd like to create features such as polygons, lines, and points, and from there, I'd like to start creating data to represent everything.

I am really new to ArcGIS, and am taking classes at Simon Fraser University. Is there anyway I can go about this?

Picture is here

Please let me know, thanks.

(i feel like an idiot, that's why i posted this here)