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polygon outline setStyle() and setWidth() not working

Question asked by btfou on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by pepatosp
Polygon outline setStyle() and setWidth() are not updating the graphic in the map but the object is updating. These are the only two that aren't working for all symbol types and settings.

A fiddle to demonstrate.

The functions in question:
updateLineType: function (value, graphic) {   switch (graphic._type) {   case 'polyline':     graphic.symbol.setStyle(value);     break;   case 'polygon':     //what is wrong with setting polygon outline style?????     graphic.symbol.outline.setStyle(value);     break;   }   graphic.getLayer().refresh(); }, updateLineWidth: function (value, graphic) {   switch (graphic._type) {   case 'polyline':     graphic.symbol.setWidth(value);     break;   case 'polygon':     //what is wrong with setting polygon outline width?????     graphic.symbol.outline.setWidth(value);     break;   }   graphic.getLayer().refresh(); },