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Simple but troublesome.  Domain in File Geodatabase not working for symbology.

Question asked by armein01 on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by armein01
I applied a domain to a file geodatabase. The attribute "Wetland_Type" was already populated, but many edits would be done against the feature class and we wanted to maintain the integrity of the field so a coded domain was created and applied.
Now I want to change the symbology based on the "Wetland_Type" all the rows which have not been edited are not recognized by the renderer and are lumped into the "other" category.
This feature class has almost 70,0000 polygons. The domain values match exactly the values in the field.
I just looked at a selct by Attribute and asked to retrieve unique values.
The populated list looks like:
'Freshwater Emergent Wetland'
'Freshwater Forested/Shrub Wetland'
'Freshwater Pond'
(These are the original attribute values and my coded values are below)
Lake - Lake
Lost - Lost
Other - Other
PEM - Freshwater Emergent Wetland
PFOPSS - Freshwater Forested/Shrub Wetland
Pond - Freshwater Pond
Riverine - Riverine
What did I do wrong, and can I fix it?