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Discussion created by rlwatson on Jan 21, 2014
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I am trying to understand the JavaScript API licensing terms and conditions.  What I want to understand is when can it be used and at what cost.

- I want to deploy a commercial (fee based) application using the JavaScript API
- The API will be used to access many systems
- Some of the systems being accessed are not ESRI based systems, e.g. OGC, custom, etc.
- Some of the systems being accessed may be ESRI based systems, e.g. ArcGIS Server

I found these links but the references they mention have changed:


Here is a link to ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs:


In the above, it states:

There is no fee for deploying web applications built with the ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs.  However, the APIs can only be used in conjunction with ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Developers, Portal for ArcGIS, or ArcGIS for Server.  Licensing and associated fees are governed by the licensing rules and business model for each product.

Unfortunately, I don�??t really understand what this means.  My previous understanding was that the API could be used without cost so long as it was used in a system which required the purchase/use of ESRI server software (ArcGIS Server/Portal or ArcGIS Online).  The reference to �??ArcGIS for Developers�?� confuses me.

I then looked in the license agreements themselves but could not find any such restrictions.

Here is JavaScript license agreement:


Here is the full license agreement for 10.2.  In EXHIBIT 1, SECTION 2 it mentions that Addendum 2, Note 1 applies to the JavaScript API.  This note appears to relate to ArcGIS Online data.


I do realize that I can send this request to ESRI support.  I thought that before doing so I would ask all of you because I would think that this is a topic which might be of interest to others.