Arcgis 10.2.1 Slow editing features

Discussion created by hughespc on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by hughespc
Have upgraded to 10.2.1 and am suffering very slow performance when trying to update entries with a raster footprint.

database is an SQL 2012,  sde 10.1

Using sde geodatabase with direct connection and database authentication.

Open the feature class,  start editing,  then try and enter data into a field and step to the next record using arrow key,  this takes a long time (10 - 15 seconds).  When editing the same feature locally on the server it is instant.  It is also instant when editing from a workstation running 10.1

Have removed profile from appdata,  same problem.

Have tried operating system authentication for the database connection again same problem.

The feature has around 6000 records in total.