Add Feature to Feature Class Using Python Scripting

Discussion created by carlyjfrazier on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by andrewhaley
I am a GIS Analyst and I am extremely new to Python scripting. I need to take input from a mouse click in ArcMap and then create a buffer around that point. Creating the buffer is simple, but using the location of that point as the input for the arcpy.Buffer_analysis call is tripping me up.
My initial thought was to take the location of the click and actually digitize a point there by adding the point feature to a feature class, and then use that feature class as the input for the buffer. That is the way that I would do it in ArcMap, and it would be quite simple.
Is it possible to add a feature to a feature class using a Python script?
Is it possible to gather xy input from a mouse click?
Is there a better way to acheive my goal?

Any help is greatly appreciated!