Projection and Mosaic Datasets

Discussion created by BahamutZ on Jan 17, 2014
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Say I have an entire state worth of 10m DEM quadrangles.  They come in a GCS NAD 1983.  I was initially under the assumption that I should create the mosaic dataset first of the entire state in the GCS and then reproject to a projected coordinate system.   However, how would I got about doing that?  If I use the project raster tool on the mosaic dataset, it will just become a raster dataset and no longer a mosaic dataset.  Now obviously, I could probably work with that, but it is no longer tied to the source raster files.

Or should I do a batch project raster of each quadrangle before mosaicing? I read somewhere that this would cause issues.  It certainly makes sense that it would when it comes time to put them together.

The end goal is to be able to conduct surface analysis like a hillshade (with illumination and shadows) on the entire state or split portions of the state in pieces if there are processing power or memory limitations. 

Looking to get my mind clear on this.  Thanks in advance.