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esriLeaflet with my own tiled map service?

Question asked by AndyMan on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by AndyMan
Hi folks..

I was able to get ESRI's leaflet running locally (only pulling the javascripts from my server). 
I want to take information inside "esri-leaflet.js" file (ran it through a make pretty routine).

I want to subsitute the 'Oceans' service for one of my own.

Looking at the lines  (does changing this to a different esri server (10.1) enable me to customize for my own services?..

Oceans:{    urlTemplate:"{z}/{y}/{x}/",    attributionUrl: "",

Is there also an expectation that the tiling scheme will match the information from "{z}/{y}/{x}"?