(O) ArcGis Online Swipe Tool - Changing Layer

Discussion created by on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Daniel_HF
Good evening everyone,

I am trying to create a swipe tool that compares between two layers
with the user being able to select a different layer for the right side.
For example when the page loads the 2012 map is on the left and the
2010 map is on the right. What I need to add is when the user selects
a different layer it changes the layer on the right to 2010,2008, 2006 ... 1989.
without moving the map's focus.

I have the Map Services published and working for all 7 layers, the ArcGis Online map
displaying the layers and the swipe tool comparing 2 layers of the layers. Now I just
need to be able to change the layer on the right side without losing the users
position on the map (or focus).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!