Publishing a composite locator referencing participating locators in separate fGDBs

Discussion created by jwood72 on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by jborgion
I thought I had done this before, but maybe not. My time this evening with composite and participating address locators and ArcGIS Server 10.2 have left me with a few questions:

1) When publishing a composite locator from a file geodatabase as a geocode service, must the participating locators reside in the same file geodatabase as the composite? I ran into a scenario tonight where the extant locators participating in my composite were not copied to the server upon publishing, even though they resided in another file geodatabase in the same directory structure (and yes, the ArcGIS Server account has the appropriate permissions on all levels of that directory structure).

2) If participating locators can be located in separate file geodatabases from the composite, can they be named the same as other participating locators from other geodatabases? I noticed when the locators are copied that only the actual file name is listed, and perhaps this was my issue to begin with. The locators I used tonight referenced similar feature classes with common naming conventions and were named after them, so there were duplicate address locator names that were differentiated in the composite with an alias "_A" and "_B" (and, of course, by the Location).

In order to get my composite to correctly publish tonight, I had to re-create all extant locators in the same file geodatabase as my composite, obviously with unique names. Kindof a hassle when the individual locators are not just there to feed the composite and therefore it makes better sense to have them reside with the data they reference and/or not have duplicate locators based on usage.

Just thought I would pick at the brain pool for a moment...