GEP 10.2.1 Datastore - Cannot register AGS w/ Windows AD & non-public services

Discussion created by geasand on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by katiekat466
This is related to an earlier thread where I cannot register an ArcGIS server data store. 

The ArcGIS Server data store I'm trying to register is configured as follows:
Machine: Windows Server 2008 R2
ArcGIS Server: 10.2.1
AGS Security: Windows for Users and Roles with the 'Web' (Web Adapter) used for the Authentication Tier and Mode;
Map Services Permissions:  Root level - set to 'Private'.

With the above configuration on the AGS machine I cannot register it in 10.2.1 GEP.  If I change the root level permissions on the AGS machine to 'Public' then I can register it in GEP.  If I set the root level to 'Private' and then change the permissions on a folder to public, then I CAN register the AGS machine in GEP

It is required at this site that all map service permissions be private.  How do I accomplish that with the new version of GEP? I tried defining tokens but that doesn't work.

Dennis Geasan