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How do I listen for parcel fabric edit events?

Question asked by conorbarber_CedarPark on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by thodson-esristaff
I have an editor extension upon which I would like to listen for events when a parcel fabric attribute table is edited. I have implemented IEditEvents for this purpose:

void Events_OnStartEditing()         {              //Since features of shapefiles, coverages, and so on, cannot be validated, ignore wiring              //events for them.             if (ArcMap.Editor.EditWorkspace.Type !=                 esriWorkspaceType.esriFileSystemWorkspace)             {                 //Wire OnCreateFeature edit event.                 Events.OnCreateFeature += new IEditEvents_OnCreateFeatureEventHandler                     (Events_OnCreateFeature);                 //Wire onChangeFeature edit event.                 Events.OnChangeFeature += new IEditEvents_OnChangeFeatureEventHandler                     (Events_OnChangeFeature);              }                }

However, OnChangeFeature does not fire when editing the attribute table of a parcel fabric. How can I listen for parcel fabric editing events?