Add a clickable "Pin" to a map

Discussion created by razmaimon on Jan 15, 2014
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hello all,
i am a bit new to this, inherited a code from an Old programer.

i have a map on my android app, to it, i add "pins" (Graphic) to some Geometries(each has an other Lat-Long)
now the customer wants each pin to be clickable, meaning, that if the user scrolls around in the map all will be the same, but if he clicks a pin on the map, it will invoke an other activity at my choice.

is this thing possible?
any suggestions on how to approach the problem?
i'm attaching a code sample for the part where i insert the pins to the map:

 map = new MapView(this);
graphicsLayer.setRenderer(new SimpleRenderer(_bluePin));
for (int i = 0; i < workingVector.size(); i++) {
    businessData = workingVector.elementAt(i);
    Graphic graphicForBluePin = new Graphic();
    graphicForBluePin.setGeometry(new Point(businessData.Longitude, businessData.Latitude));