can't download arcgis 10.2 for iOS

Discussion created by archie2010 on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by NSager-esristaff
when i log in ,and click the DOWNLOAD link  the website revealed:

Sign up for a free ArcGIS for Developers account
If you are interested in developing applications with ArcGIS technology you should sign up for ArcGIS for Developers.
This free account will allow you to download SDKs, register application and give you 50 credits a month to use on ArcGIS services.

but when i clicked this link,the page revealed this:

The ArcGIS Developers is not available in your area
We apologize, but the ArcGIS for Developers is unavailable in your area at this time. Please visit and sign-up for a free trial of our Organization subscription.

how could i download the arcgis 10.2 for iOS?