How do I get GlobalID from historical cursor of deletes?

Discussion created by gmontgomery on Jan 15, 2014
Using table archiving/versioning we are getting (via the SDK) a difference cursor that will list the rows that were deleted since the last sync with our parent. The difference cursor returns the ObjectID and a null row object for each row deleted.

To date this was sufficient for our needs but now we are looking into geo redundancy and for various reasons we would rather use the GlobalID. Is there anyway for us to use the ObjectID to fetch the GlobalID of a deleted record?

For reference: Here is some sample code iterating over the cursor to get the ObjectID:

// Step through the cursor, showing the ID of each modified row.
differenceCursor.Next(out objectID, out differenceRow);
while (objectID != -1)
    Console.WriteLine("OID of Updated Row: {0}", objectID);
    differenceCursor.Next(out objectID, out differenceRow);

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