Portal Sharing API - "created" search parameter

Discussion created by jordan_clark on Jan 15, 2014
I was wondering if anyone had an example of a working REST string searching using the "created" parameter. I have read the docs three or four times and every time I try to use it, it returns 0 results. Even though I know there are items in there that were created in the time frame I am providing. Example:

http://<srv address>/sharing/search?f=pjson&q=created:[0000001104537600000%20TO%200000001388534400000]

That is searching everything from January 1, 2005 January 1, 2014.

The output from the above:

  "query": "created:[0000001104537600000 TO 0000001388534400000]",
  "total": 0,
  "start": 1,
  "num": 10,
  "nextStart": -1,
  "results": []

What am I doing wrong?