Help, Interpolation?????

Discussion created by thanhwru on Jan 15, 2014
Dear everyone,

I have the following problem: I need to calculate an average precipitation amount on a catchment using an IDW and Kriggiing interpolation. The interpolation is performed in a loop since each precipitation station contains several years of daily measurements (10000 and more interpolations). I have managed to solve this problem by overwriting precipitation value in attribute table of the station shapefile using

My database is described as look like:

Sheet1 is look like: column1 column2  column3 column4 column5

id       name      lat        lon    elevation

1      station1   20.1   106.5    34

2       station2   20.3    106.8     13
n       stationN.....

Sheet2 is look like: column1 .... columnN

date          station1   station2  station3 ....stationN

1/1/1981        0           0.1        0.3      ....      0.5 

31/12/2000    0.9        1.2         2.4       ... .   1.4

Thank you very much indeed.

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